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Don't Be A Jerk! A Classic Whisky Cocktail Recipe With A Secret Garnish

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Whisky is one of our go-to liquors when warming up to the holiday season. The natural spices from a classic whisky is like a big warm hug during late fall, early winter season.

Recently we discovered Wayne Gretzky's 99 Proof Canadian Whisky. Gretzky’s 99 Proof Whisky nods hints of maple and toffee with a lingering aftertaste of spice and sweet smoke. But what's the secret ingredient that paired so well with our classic whisky cocktail?

Not So Secret Ingredient:

The secret to our recipe is Dick Duff's Jerky Sweet Chipotle flavoured jerky. The aromas from the smooth whisky accompanied by Dick Duff's Jerky Sweet Chipotle flavoured jerky is a match made in heaven. The hot and sweet combination works well between both the jerky and the whisky.

Don't Be A Jerk Recipe:

2 ounces of Wayne Gretzky 99 Proof Canadian Whisky 🥃

1-2 Pieces of Sweet Chipotle Jerky

1 Sage Stem

Steps & Instructions:

Step 1:

Burn a piece of sage and place your glass overtop allowing for the sage smoke to fill the glass.

Step 2:

Turn your glass over, let the existing smoke disperse and begin to pour 2 ounces of whisky in glass of choice.

Step 3:

Take 1-2 pieces of Dick Duff's Jerky and rub one piece around the rim for flavour. Take your second piece of jerky and add as garnish to the rim of your glass.

Step 4:

Add ice or cold water to dilute and finish off with a fresh piece of sage.

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