5 Local Canadian Brands We Love

Updated: Mar 3

Welcome to our very first 5 Canadian Brands We Love, the November edition.

Each month we are going to try and highlight 5 Local Canadian food and beverage brands that we are just obsessed with.

I think it’s important to show off our Canadian small businesses and some of the delicious and authentically original products that have emerged into our consumer markets because of these brands.

Keep in mind that we are not paid to promote any of the brands featured in this post and or any future 5 Canadian Brands We Love posts. Everything we say comes from the HEART.

1) Eatable Inc. Alcohol Infused Popcorn


Alcohol infused popcorn. Yes you read that correctly. It’s like taking a trip down memory lane, with an adult twist. Eatable Popcorn comes in 6 unique flavours including:

  1. Whisky On The Pops

  2. Pop The Champagne

  3. Pop The Salt & Tequila

  4. Poppin’ Rosé All Day

  5. Poppy Caesar

  6. Pop Goes Sangria

Whisky On The Pops Flavour Notes:

Rich and smoky with subtle hints of sweetness with a slight saltiness from Eatable signature caramel.

We Paired Whisky On The Pops With:

  • Used as Breadcrumb Coating Overtop Chicken Tenders

  • Used as Garnish Overtop Pancakes

  • Used within a Charcuterie Board

  • Used as a Garnish for a Whisky Cocktail

Pop The Champagne Flavour Notes:

Rich in white chocolate with subtle, toasty almond like flavour notes. Be sure to pause for a moment and feel the rush of sugar crystals that literally POP in your mouth.

We Paired Pop The Champagne With:

  • Used to Coat White Chocolate Covered Strawberries Rolled In Popcorn

  • Used as a Garnish Overtop Pink Champagne Infused Cake

Pop The Salt & Tequila Flavour Notes:

Rich in buttery notes from the caramel, paired with the smooth and peppery taste of an aged Añejo tequila complimented by the saltiness of lemon and salt.

We Paired Pop The Salt & Tequila With:

  • Used as a Garnish Overtop Brûléd Peaches With Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Used as Breadcrumb Coating Overtop Salmon

Poppin’ Rosé All Day Flavour Notes:

Light on the palate, the crisp candied covering infused with rosé wine hints subtle citrusy and tart notes that nod to the watermelon and strawberry ingredients that are infused.

We Paired Poppin’ Rosé All Day With:

  • Garnish overtop Watermelon & Feta Fruit Salad

  • Used as a Confection in our Fruit Skewers

Poppy Caesar Flavour Notes:

Lightly coated in a sweet and spicy crisp tomato based purée gives the perfect savory twist to Canada's most beloved cocktail. Topped off with a splash of vodka and a blend of zesty peppery rim spices.

We Paired Poppy Caesar With:

  • Used as a Garnish for a Caesar Cocktail

  • Used as a Breadcrumb Coating Overtop Chicken Wings

Pop Goes Sangria Flavour Notes:

Candied Merlot wine infused kernels with fruity notes of apple, blood orange and a light coating of cinnamon and spices. Slow-baked to perfection.

We Paired Pop Goes Sangria With:

  • Used as a Garnish for an Autumn Sangria

  • Used within our Charcuterie Board

  • Used to make a Red Wine Infused Dark Chocolate Bark

Eatable has made entertaining so much easier. They have taken the thought out of stressing what snacks to buy when having friends and family over. Their popcorn has replaced the mundane bag of potato chips and gives our guests an elevated experience bite after bite, handful after handful.

Want To Give Eatable Inc Popcorn A Try?

We recommend starting with our personal favourite Pop The Champagne. From the taste of the rich white chocolate coating, to the rush of sugar crystals (like pop rocks) popping in your mouth, this dessert-like popcorn should be treated like a delicacy (if you can control yourself).

ALXEATS Top Recommended Eatable Inc Popcorn Flavours:

  1. Pop The Champagne